7 Minutes with Countries ( Hetalia x reader )

7 Minutes with Countries ( Hetalia x reader )

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You were invited to a party from America. All the countries were invited and decided to play a game of 7 minutes in heaven. *Note* you're playing as a shyish girl since I am one myself .this is my first x reader and Hetalia fanfic so sorry if it sucks
( a little lime may be included )

More characters coming soon!

I do not own Hetalia

otter-girl otter-girl Jun 16
But I don't want to. *goes and hides under bed and hisses at everyone who tries to pull me out*
LeLe_457 LeLe_457 Aug 20
AMERICA YOU SON OF A BITCH...wait that means there will be two guys going for seven minutes in heaven YOAI ok this be cool now
W-wait! You mean, since I'm the only girl I have to go to closet with all of 'em? 0////0
Well FRUK you America but *calls all female countries on the phone and tells them to come* I'm not gonna be the only girl