Dont Question Me (Troyler BDSM fic)

Dont Question Me (Troyler BDSM fic)

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Mama Mia By phlarry Updated Nov 09, 2016

"Shit! Im so sorry! I didn't see you there and I-" 

"You'll make up for it by letting me wreck you. Shut that pretty little mouth of yours and get on your knees."

One of many nights in which Troye was abused, only to be saved by a random man named Tyler, who never gave him so much as a phone number to remain in contact.

But this was the last time. Tyler had had enough. If finding the poor boy tied up, cold and naked in an alley wasn't enough for his protective side to emerge, he didn't know what was.

He would protect Troye, as long as the boy followed his rules. Especially one.

"Don't question me."


or in which Tyler takes Troye to be his submissive and Troye just wants to be loved.

*WARNING* first few chapters kinda suck ik sorry.


CheyE670 CheyE670 May 05, 2016
BDSM doesn't necessarily mean smut. However, I love both BDSM AND smut, so.... I'm sure I'll love this story.
heathensl heathensl Mar 20, 2016
is breath play like choking? ah idk im too lazy to google it
naughtytommo naughtytommo Apr 18, 2016
Tbh Idk what the 3. And 4. Ones are but I'm too lazy to Google it and nothing bothers me usually so meh I'm gonna read it
trash-bag trash-bag Jan 25, 2016
I had to look up breath play and im concerned BUT IM STILL GUNNA READ IT
trashley1998 trashley1998 Jan 02, 2016
Electronic pet, very useful for him considering he can't even take care of a plant irl smh
I find breath play really hot. Idk y I'm just weird like that