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the replacement project :: c.h.

the replacement project :: c.h.

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b By aaesthetic- Completed

Elena and Cara Morales are the infamous twins of Mark Morales - the governor of California. Now, while they both may be related, like most twins, they couldn't be any more different.
  Elena was seen as an elite, social butterfly - she's kissed more boys than she can count on her fingers, she's taken part in tons of high school clubs and groups, she has a never-ending list of friends as well as a never-ending amount of Twitter followers, and not to forget, she had the bassist of band 5 Seconds of Summer wrapped around her finger. Yeah, she was dating Calum Hood.
  Cara was nothing but mediocre - nothing that could even somewhat be compared to her twin. She was ordinary and indifferent and was a half-melted scoop of vanilla ice cream amongst a ton of other wild and unheard of flavors. Kissing (unless it was the asses of her teachers), Popularity, Boys, and Fun weren't words she was familiar with in the slightest - she was outcasted, canceled out. Simple as that.
  After Elena suddenly goes missing and a secret search party is sent out to look for her, Cara is asked to finally put herself to good use by participating in what they called The Replacement Project. She was to play the role of her sister in order to save the reputation of her family, knowing that if the public were to find out the governor of California actually allowed his daughter to go missing, the entire family would collapse into a pile of ash. 
  It was a solid plan - nobody would suspect a thing.
  There was only one, underlying rule - don't fall in love with the boy who wasn't really yours to begin with.

knockoutlou knockoutlou Mar 29
knockoutlou knockoutlou Mar 29
maybe instead they should take lessons on how to curtain your kids' disappearance by the /van der woodsens/.
classicmillers classicmillers Jun 20, 2016
what the hell why can't they just say elena was doing something like that? oh right because they "need" elena and obviously don't care about cara
Pumpkinspicelester Pumpkinspicelester Mar 16, 2016
                               Who lets thier political standing takes over thier family issues
im_sso_hungry im_sso_hungry Sep 16, 2016
The question is where did she go find out in the next chapter stay tuned (just kidding).