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NEHA By yescallmeking Completed

"Let me go, you brute!" I spoke gritting my teeth trying to wriggle out of his hold.
      "Six fucking years weren't enough for you?" He growled crushing his body to mine against the wall. 
      "Let me go before I shout bloody murder," I warned glaring straight into dark gray eyes.
      "Go ahead, try." He challenged leaning in, "Stop struggling. I'm not leaving you anytime soon, do you understand? You've got a lot to answer." He whispered. "Why so much of a wrath, Ana? You loved being in my arms. What changed?"
       "I'm not at all answerable to you! Get off me now!" I shouted.
      He narrowed his eyes as if I had hurt him. I could feel he was boiling with silent wrath, but so was I. Before I could say anything else, he forced me to look up into his eyes, determined and burning with rage, and closed the distance between our face by locking his lips with mine. I couldn't help but gasp at the savaged kiss as his mouth swoop down which gave him an opportunity to slip his tongue in mine. 
       Unable to resist the sensual urge, my hands traveled in his silky hair, and I pulled him closer matching his pace by kissing him back fervently with equal desire. The sexy groan that arose from his throat pushed me more to explore his mouth as he did to mine while his hand glided down my body, crushing my breasts in his palms. 
      "Was this your love for me? Pleasing other men with your delectable mouth and body? Was I not fit as per your requirement?" He snarled breathing hard and pushed me away from him in disgust. 
       "I was madly in love with you. Was it too difficult for you to see?" He yelled at me. "I wasn't good with emotions, but I did everything a man does to the woman he loves. Wasn't that enough for you?"
      #9 Romance (17.03.2017)

- - Mar 20
If the prologue is so awesome, what would be the story like.
0weirdnerd0 0weirdnerd0 Apr 08
South Africa ... aaaaaahhhh some recognition over here ...I feel proud
deepu_bhai deepu_bhai Mar 18
This is so much like fifty shades but also very different! I'm intrigued about what happened between her and Brandon!! Loved the chapter!!
Saraahhh_01 Saraahhh_01 Apr 20
I Love this story already.  The prologue is just awesome. Lovelots
Some of your chapters from this story are still not showing. Please do something i really love this story
---xRUINED ---xRUINED Apr 21
Doesn't sound like an article to me but meh it's fiction so can't complain