Under My Skin |Dean Fan fic|

Under My Skin |Dean Fan fic|

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OriginalAmbrose4life By OriginalAmbrose4life Updated Apr 23, 2017

"What the hell Alex? Why would you ever side with the Authority?" Roman questioned in a frustrated tone.

"I know you've been out for a while but don't you remember when that scumbag Seth stabbed us in the back? Do steal chairs ring a bell?" Dean added.

Alex shook her head. 

"If I remember right you two are the ones who took the chair shots. Seth never harmed me in any way. Seth was the only one there for me when I needed someone. You guys were no where to be found."

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Oh yeah you're right. You're....
                              Friends with benefits ;))))))
OriginalAmbrose4life OriginalAmbrose4life May 20, 2015
@AngieWWE Lol I will. Thank you so much more for reading. I'm really happy you are enjoying this.
- - May 20, 2015
Uh, uh, I'm dyin' do read more of this! I was actually like: "Finally! A good story to read!", then I looked at the number of chapters and frowned. Keep going, we all need it :)
OriginalAmbrose4life OriginalAmbrose4life May 18, 2015
@Ambrose_FGL, @Lil_Miss_Jessica, and @TangleJones Thank you so much. I'm really happy that you guys like it. I wasn't so sure about this story at first. But that gave me confidence.