The Warrior Dismissed » [Lady Sif]

The Warrior Dismissed » [Lady Sif]

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My Alias By myalias Updated May 15, 2015

~ A Lady Sif Origin Story ~

Lady Sif, the laughing stock of the aristocracy, the woman with ambition to become a warrior. 

From the second she was old enough to wield a weapon, she had an affinity for the blade. She had dexterity, prowess and agility to challenge the overbearing men of the clan. 

Daughter of the clan leader, she was expected to be the epitome of grace, a paragon of femininity and the incarnation of xenia. 

She aspired to be none of those things. 

Whilst her brother departed to partake in skirmishing, drinking and being the emissary to the clan, she was confined to womanly chores. 

She wanted those things.

It was only when she stumbled upon the armory without a sentry posted at its door, that she discovered the fascinating stash within, and decided to embark on her own quest with a double sided sword and a shield that called to her like a siren. Inevitably running into trouble, she uncovered her natural talent and started practicing warfare in practice. And for once, she felt empowered.

She kept the blade and the sword, and practiced in secret. 

She was going to fulfill her dreams, even if it meant swallowing her pride and keeping her talents to herself.

Cover by @Professional_Dreamer