Pirate Chains III ~ Corail (manxman)

Pirate Chains III ~ Corail (manxman)

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Syrvat By Syrvat Completed

This book takes place mainly on Corail, a peaceful guarded island and a land for the highborn class.
We follow the story of Nyx's cousin, Haven, and the pirate he was forced to 'hire', Lou.
We will also see what happens to the main couple, Nyx and his devil pirate lover, Agenor.


[THIRD BOOK. READ 'Pirate Chains' FIRST]
[Warning: Contains adult themes and graphic content]

Poor Haven... Don't worry I'm sure Lou is there to help you heal your broken heart..
Since when are you preaching ...stuff and showing people the way (out)?😂
marsnvic marsnvic Aug 26
Is Lou even aware that you can love with Haven yet? Has he figured it out? Because captain intimated something to that effect as the reason why he left when he was speaking to nyx...
Sorry hun, that incest. Oh and he deserves to be with Agenor, and you deserve to be with Lou
llekel llekel Mar 29
Haven idolized nyx.. That's the love /heartbreak he is feeling. First love is both great and sucky. Luckily he has Lou to show him true love.
Okay i just finished the sec book , I'm think about starting this one now or tomorrow