Pirate Chains III ~ Corail (manxman)

Pirate Chains III ~ Corail (manxman)

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Syrvat By Syrvat Completed

This book takes place mainly on Corail, a peaceful guarded island and a land for the highborn class.
We follow the story of Nyx's cousin, Haven, and the pirate he was forced to 'hire', Lou.
We will also see what happens to the main couple, Nyx and his devil pirate lover, Agenor.


[THIRD BOOK. READ 'Pirate Chains' FIRST]
[Warning: Contains adult themes and graphic content]

Siggi_so Siggi_so Jun 26
How have I not read any comments reacting to the fact that even if he had fallen for you, it would be incest?
StarsNSand StarsNSand Aug 26
😞😞someone could relate with this and I don't think the word insane Is the right choice.
StarsNSand StarsNSand Aug 26
I read glory and I think he's naked, damn I need to get my mind sorted out.
StarsNSand StarsNSand Aug 26
Dude, I swear u were with him. You know how he lives and how the crew is.
StarsNSand StarsNSand Aug 26
I just knew he was gonna say something dirty. As soon as I saw the word food I was all ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
eilyk_04 eilyk_04 Nov 14
Am I the only one who thinks that Lou and Ithel looks so much alike? Lou only has a longer hair. Lol! Maybe its just me. Hahaha 😂 😂 😂