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sarcasticsauce By sarcasticsauce Updated Apr 02, 2017

"You can't break me Santino.
 I won't let you. I've lost enough. I will not lose me too."

Her breathing staggered. Her brain laid just a slushy mush located in the void of her skull. Her heart beat with the rhythm of the lie that so fluently left her tongue. He had already claimed her soul; her heart. In his violent, blood soaked hands, that seemed clean to the untrained eye.

He was her demise.

For he was the breath that blew out her candle.

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  • action
  • father
  • itilaian
  • kidnapped
  • mature
  • romance
  • unexpected
bailandough bailandough Apr 04, 2016
How tf am I the ungrateful one when millions of ppl out there can't have kids but you're here abusing yours nikka stfu!
weirdochick12 weirdochick12 Jan 10, 2017
Yeah, don't call her mother. It gives people the idea of maturity that she clearly hasn't achieved yet.
PlamediAnne PlamediAnne Mar 29, 2016
I think the beginning wasn't really captivating. It was a bit confusing. Maybe as you edit try to add some detail.
PlamediAnne PlamediAnne Mar 29, 2016
I think maybe you should try to show that she hates her "father" instead of just saying it. I think the way she acts or talks to him could help show this.
alejandra_hoodie alejandra_hoodie Feb 08, 2017
my mom calls me little ugly troll 😭😭 but as a joke tho😂😂
ticketmaster911 ticketmaster911 Nov 28, 2015
Poor Rose. Can I punch her father  show him what it's like being on the opposite side