Without them knowing

Without them knowing

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Pineapple By _devilish_me_ Updated Dec 21, 2016

❝"Elijah, stop please!" I cried as my mate kept landing blows on him. If he kept doing that he would certainly kill him. 

He growled angrily as he threw him against a tree. With a clenched jaw he stalked towards me.


Parker always expected that her mate would reject her. After all that's what everyone always told her. She was just the Omega, the pack slave. 
So imagine her surprise when, Elijah North, soon to be Alpha doesn't reject her. 
But no, he doesn't really accept her either. He keeps toying with her heart and Parker isn't sure just how more she can take. 
But then the Alpha of the visiting pack shows interest in her and a side of Elijah she had never seen appears.

  • alpha
  • forgiveness
  • heartbreak
  • hurt
  • love
  • mate
  • omega
  • player
  • possessive
  • rejection
  • romance
Galaxy_Psycho Galaxy_Psycho Nov 12, 2017
Okay hear me out. If they left her on the side for the rouges, then what if nice rouges came along?
-quiteinlove -quiteinlove Jun 08, 2017
i don't accept your apology but i can shove my foot up your a-
roses8489 roses8489 Mar 12, 2017
No nigga, I don't accept! Either reject me and leave me alone or ditch the bitch and be my mate
bootycheeks122 bootycheeks122 Oct 23, 2017
don't forgive him like that man up and face somewhere else giving him the cold shoulder so he can suffer for what he did you're too nice
EveSlim EveSlim Jul 18, 2017
Wtf honestly this just makes me want to stop reading the book like wtf 😕are u serious
MissRosa01 MissRosa01 Mar 08, 2017
I feel bad for her. She's one of those weak who let's men push her around. Hopefully in future chapters that changes :)