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FNAF x Reader

FNAF x Reader

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Female_FNAF_Lemon By Female_FNAF_Lemon Updated Apr 25

{plz Read!!}
  EDIT : This book has magically changed into a one shot for the readers :) don't ask how XD you can comment what character and even tell me a brief description on what you want the character to do to le reader. It can be lemon but if you don't want a lemon just Add on ' No lemon. ' 
  I also take male requests.
  {Lemon/Smut may be in this}
  Ok I will update this slowly since I have lots of tests to do :c but! I will never stop writing this book ^-^!!
  This book is now ALL characters from fnaf!!!
  please don't correct me since I use my phone >.<.. auto correct. and some sentences might not make any sense xD 
  OK of you want your own Book like 
  bonnie x 
  Freddy x
  or more something like that private message me X3.
  I'll try my best go update as much as possible ^>^ remember to
  and enjoy reading ;)!

.... what could go wrong? Hmmm, let's think
                              .....grapes and posessed animal robots trying to make me like them, or stuff me into a Fazbear suit, it depends whether they sèe me human or not. Getting scared, becoming insane, dying of blood loss. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!
Age: I'm an age which is over nine and under eleven.
                              F/c: a velvet blue colour
                              E/c: blue.
Rainbowpaws77 Rainbowpaws77 Jul 13, 2016
Well going to work at a place with creepy robots nothing can go wrong *every thing is ganna go wrong
Christine1714 Christine1714 Aug 11, 2016
Get a job they said, what could go wrong they said, take the night shift they said.
Spoopy3Trash Spoopy3Trash Aug 12, 2016
Damn. I can never even tell if I'm talking to a male or female on the phone.....
                              H/c:Scarlet (natural)
                              H/L:ankle length  (natural)
                              E/c:Scarlet (natural not contacts)