Little One | narry

Little One | narry

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"Something's missing"

"uh, no everything looks like it's here to me.."

"No, as in our relationship"

"Like a dog?"

"I was thinking more like.. a baby"

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itslikegroovy itslikegroovy May 12, 2016
I love it already and I only read the author's note *teary smiley face*
aestheticallyslxtty aestheticallyslxtty Oct 31, 2016
Ikr like c section would be more normal I think rather than pushing it out like feces
taesfringe taesfringe Jun 21, 2016
Wait do they really push it out of the bum hole?
                              Somebody explain me
jiminrosie jiminrosie Jul 05, 2016
The votes on your story are 666 (cough) but I just voted and now they are 667. I SAVED YOU FROM SATAN
RachelCockrell RachelCockrell Sep 10, 2015
I am the same way about inaccurate  birthing scenes and the like. I've actually had a baby so when they go from BOOM labor to popping a baby out in 10min it's like seriously? or finding out their pregnant the next day lol I always stop reading immediately.
eri_bear2 eri_bear2 Jul 24, 2015
this totally sounds like a good story that I will be adding to my library asap