The Exo Member's are my brothers?! (Exo Fanfic)

The Exo Member's are my brothers?! (Exo Fanfic)

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What if your father gets married to a woman who has a lot of sons,
and more importantly , her sons are the Exo Memebers!!!

And there's something quite off when you get to know them, Usually  when you see them in Television they seem kind and all, but once you get to know them better, they aren't as you see them in TV. 

But this is the intresting part part('>.<')!!!, What if you fall in love with them?.......or What if its the way around.

NOTE: only the Exo K members are your siblings, while the Exo M members are your cousins.

[Take note that this is all just my imaginations and I don't copy others, also please don't copy my book because I do my best in making this book ]
(Please bare with my wrong grammars and wrong spellings.  )

☆And I give thanks and credit to @nonoshinee because she made this wonderful cover.
[2016.A/N: thank you guys for supporting this book it even got to the #550 for fanfiction books, I thank you so much!]

Yoangyuon Yoangyuon Jun 12
OMG their personalities are the total opposite of what we think*currently crossing fingers* Pls can lay still be sweet and innocent
Kcraze03_ Kcraze03_ Mar 03
They are totally the opposite of who they are on stage..... Gosh...
TaeJin95 TaeJin95 Mar 12
That guy is on his period...Don't.Mess.With.Him.When.He's.On.His.Period