Marrow Charm

Marrow Charm

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Magic runs bone deep...

In a world overrun by monsters, humans struggle for survival underground. Magic is feared and reviled, but rooted deep in the bloodlines of families, cropping up once a generation. These individuals are cast out, banished to the Above where humans are far, far down the food chain.

When her younger brother is tainted by magic and forced to the surface, Azzy follows, determined to save the only family she has left, no matter what he becomes.

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dorgiot dorgiot Dec 27, 2016
Ok if I read all of the comments I won't understand wth is going on
KarateChop KarateChop Nov 06, 2016
What a great, descriptive opening!  Will this have German elements?  I'm interested because you used fuhrer.
newlight15 newlight15 Sep 29, 2016
Very gripping start! I like the whole background with Hitler...neat way to weave and alter  history in your story :)
rainbowjellybean12 rainbowjellybean12 Dec 10, 2016
just started a fantasy book and was wondering if some of you could please read and review it and I'll return the favour with a works of your choosing :)
AHBaig AHBaig Aug 15, 2016
Reading the chapters before getting back to where I left off. You're writing style never ceases to amaze me.
BlackWhiteD BlackWhiteD Sep 10, 2016
Awesome starting I loved it :D what has der Führer done? D: