10 is too much! (Boyxboy)

10 is too much! (Boyxboy)

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Eikiji By eikiji Updated Dec 19, 2017

The Zixt brothers adored Hillary Hall. After finding out that she already has a fiancee and is getting married they finally gave up on pursuing the lady's heart.

But when little William Hall -the boy version of Hillary-  was added to the group of Zixt brothers it's like a rabbit stuck with 10 wolves in one roof.

What will William's strategy to survive his daily life living with his super exotic new 10 brothers?

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xX102Xx xX102Xx Dec 27, 2017
This 14 year old be falling for a 25 year old. He needs a reality check 😂😂😂
XDeadmemesX XDeadmemesX Aug 08, 2017
When your last name is hall and realized you've found your people
CheshireKillings CheshireKillings May 04, 2017
this is like  Brothers Conflict except their twins not triplets XD
BitterInLoveForever BitterInLoveForever Jun 19, 2017
How the fvck does their parents made too much baby??. Well it is better than 20 children which is in our country.
eggaleggex eggaleggex Jul 26, 2017
see i appreciate this but im not gonna remember any of it. but thx anyways
LoveThrillerStalker LoveThrillerStalker Jun 21, 2017
I wont be able to take that all information in my brain...........even if i did after five or six chapter i wont be able to remember if i take break from reading.....