✔ An Overweight Arranged Marriage (EXO 's Park Chanyeol FF)

✔ An Overweight Arranged Marriage (EXO 's Park Chanyeol FF)

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Bu JeongUi By _galaxystarz Completed

{OVERWEIGHT series #1//Book1}

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Sad, Angst

  "Do not underestimate what an arranged marriage can do to you."

  ¤Not your average Arranged Marriage¤
  Most of the arranged marriage always ended up having happy ending. Could this arranged marriage be the same? Even when it is An Overweight Arranged Marriage? 
  Song Eun Byul is an overweight girl from an average family. She gets bullied everyday in school, but that doesn't stop her from always ranking first. 
  Park Chanyeol is the Mr Popular in school that comes from Nation's richest family. He has a girlfriend, and everything he wants.
  What if an arranged marriage without love happened between them? 
  Will they have a happy ending?

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✔ Edited (*BUT* in my own way so please pardon if there is still mistakes)❇
✔ Part 2 (AOAM 2: If He Had Been With Me) COMPLETED WITH 💗
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{OVERWEIGHT series #1//Book1}
  Started: 17 May 2015
  Ended: 02 Nov 2015 
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  Cover: -Darkxhin©
  Storyline: _galaxystarz
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biaswreckeryeol biaswreckeryeol Dec 05, 2017
I never see anyone bullied because of weight on my whole 21 long years of life on earth(personally).... But.... There seems to be some cases because.... This is not good.... Really... Not.. Good
                              It's bad actually
b13ckL b13ckL Dec 25, 2017
Damn,i shudn't be laughing but its funny yet too much😂😂
ExoChanLu ExoChanLu Apr 16
I'm chubby but my schoolmates are kinda nice and call me cute but sometimes other people call me monkey or pig but I just get away by saying the same thing like things true about them but hurts the same way it hurt you like your gonna do payback haha I do it you can try to
ExoChanLu ExoChanLu Apr 16
I'm guessing his girlfriend is Krystal and fyi I didn't read the story yet if your gonna ask and tell me maybe you checked it already or whatever but just like that hehe
kookrush kookrush Jan 24
You are lucky that you still in a school, thought someone like you dumb af
Same but I have a problem, I eat so much but I never gain weight