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Hidden Maiden By hiddenmaiden Updated Jan 10

I've heard you love bad boys? Oopsss! 

How do you differentiate good boys from bad boys? Is it the guy who always wears a smile? Or the guy who frustrates the hell out of you? 

Sometimes, the way we understand it is wrong. Because in the real world, bad boys can be good and good boys can be bad. Bad boys can love you possessively, kill whoever harms you, protect you against any enemy, and yells at you when they're too worried about you. They dont say anything and they wont say how much they love you but it will show in every actions they do. They smoke, they are womanizers, they love punching the hell out of people. But they are undeniably scorching hot, insanely handsome, and can drive you crazy. 

Killian Goozen, Prince dela tore, Charlie Charles de Calvazado, Devin Azcona, Angelo Razon and Rafael Gonzales are the bad boys that will turn your whole world up side down. 

WARNING: They're seductively hot but dont you dare fall in love with them or you'll end up hopeless and hurt. Im not saying they will not love you back. But loving them always comes with a price. Take the risk if you're willing to pay. 

You might not want to love them but deny it or not, girls prefer bad boys. You like boys who will make your head hurt, boys who doesnt even know you and boys who love annoying you all the time. Because when they stop doing those things that you hate, you will wake up one morning missing them and wishing they'll show up and bother you again. Because you're falling in hard. Hard as stone. Hard as his heart. Hard as your heart that says yes when you keep on saying no. 

He will either love you back or never. But you will never escape the feeling. You're trap! You've been warned. Theres no turning back. 

Welcome to the bad boys club where bad boys live and do good things. You will either love them or hate them. Pick your poison.

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NjhieALajera NjhieALajera May 31, 2016
Hi ate @hiddenmaiden  ano po bang  title sa totoo lang na video na yan..pllzzzz po
nikolaiii_ nikolaiii_ Jan 09, 2016
Wahhhh Exo story!!!!! ...  bad boys tlga ang role nila... sayang wala si UB sa story pero ok lang yan ... kpopper siguro si miss hiddenmaiden kasi yung MRB Korean rin ... hehehe
jclhen jclhen Nov 23, 2015
Enebeyen>_<!kilig! Nasa work pakonito partida! Nakiwifi para makakuha ng malupit na kwento wahh!!! Thankgod!
Ellalilowmee88 Ellalilowmee88 Nov 01, 2015
Nako napakasalimout naman ng buhay mo Mariela! Prologue pa yan ha! Hihi BTW @hiddenmaiden salamat pod kasi EXO NA NAMAN ANG CAST NG STORY NA TO! AHHHH LOVE THIS
myuvss myuvss Oct 02, 2015
lahat ng story ni ate @hiddenmaiden sobrang ganda wala kong masabi :D
KrasimirDianne KrasimirDianne Jun 05, 2015
coz good girls prefer bad boys. Lol. So excited for the next UD ☺☺☺☺