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Experiment [A Transformers Prime Fanfiction]

Experiment [A Transformers Prime Fanfiction]

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Chelsea McPherson By SaitheSuperSaiyan Completed

MECH has always been a twisted organisation. But they have more plans than just Project Chimera.

Kate Torres is one of their sick experiments. She was adopted by MECH agent Adrian Torres and inducted into Project Enhancement: an experiment designed to see the effects of newly developed sense-enhancing drugs on the human body. Of course, they weren't expecting these effects to be permanent, and after she was released from the project, she struggled to live day by day.

Of course, one day, she is retaken by MECH so they can perform more experiments... but when a strange, giant white robot rescues her, she is thrust into an even stranger world... One that puts her life in constant jeopardy, especially when the effects of Project Enhancement make being with the Autobots even more dangerous.

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LibbieBlackout422 LibbieBlackout422 Mar 17, 2016
I just realized change the Le to way add Yutani at the end and you have Wayland Bishop Yutani from the Alien movies.
I_love_blackheart I_love_blackheart Jul 18, 2016 hair is so bad I can hardly ever Get a brush through it so I have to brush it in the shower with conditioner in my hair still it sucks... Then It doesn't look good so I throw it up in a pony tail and go like that
NighttimeandLoyal NighttimeandLoyal Jun 06, 2016
Great Story!! I haven't read a story with MECH involved, glad this is my first one and I'm guessing...Wheel Jack?
iAmSoCoOl128 iAmSoCoOl128 Oct 14, 2015
                              HENCE THE CAPS LOCK.
MetteAndersen8 MetteAndersen8 May 16, 2015
Awesome story! It´s been a while since I last read a TF story with MECH involved. Please update soon!