Luffy has a twin [a one piece fanfiction]

Luffy has a twin [a one piece fanfiction]

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CaseyAnn By casey151 Updated May 30, 2015

A one piece fanfiction

Luffy, zoro, nami, ussop and sanji were about to leave loguetown, where the king of the Pirates died. After being chased out of their by the marines, when something or should I say someone shot out of the sky and landed on the straw hats ship and boy were they were surprised at what they saw.

Please read and I don't own one piece.

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I just love how they should have already known who garp is xD
i havent watched one piece that much am still in the beginning 100 episodes but i love it all the way~!There is a reason for that,ya know.I am actually not allowed to watch it until i'm 20 and that's five yrs from now,but who follows the rules,eh?
Raichaelrocks Raichaelrocks Aug 28, 2016
Woah sanji was about to fight a girl?????!! WTF MY LIFE IS RUINED
BasicPringle BasicPringle Aug 31, 2016
Sanji.....about to fight a girl.......ITS THE END OF THE WORLD HIDE THE CHILDREN!!!