The Raven Tattoo

The Raven Tattoo

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Imagine living in a world where you're "soul mate" is super easy to find. A world where they already know what to look for and so do you. Because you're born with a tattoo, and only one other person has the same tattoo in the exact same spot. Sounds great doesn't it? Well you're wrong. It sucks.

Seventeen year old Mia Nulgeero lives in this world. Her tattoo? A raven silhouette on her left wrist.

Like everyone in her world, Mia's worried about her "soul mate" and whether or not he, or she, will be a complete ass. Along with that she has to deal with her parents, who hate each other with a passion because their pairing didn't work out and look out for her twin brother Daniel.

When Mia's "soul mate" walks into her life will it be love at first sight or will this pairing  end up like her parents?

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Clarissajamiexx Clarissajamiexx Jul 20, 2016
For tattoos, if you put red lipstick on them then liquid cover up then power you can't see them. ONLY if the tattoo is healrf
JustADamSourDemigod JustADamSourDemigod Oct 27, 2016
A book that actually acknowledges how deranged the idea is. I already love it
niallizzle niallizzle Jan 17
lowkey shade for people who don't like this book already hahaha
PaintandButterflies PaintandButterflies Jun 17, 2016
I really love this concept, definitely will be continuing on!
MegaMicroMia MegaMicroMia Feb 10, 2016
holy cheese my names mia and my brothers name daniel and I always anger him in the morning like Damn im scared xD
RebeccaNorris RebeccaNorris Mar 07, 2016
Wow their tattoos can be in different places? Awesome addition to the plot! Can relations be soulmates?