The Greatest Enigma

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Matthew By Mat_the_w Updated 4 years ago
When mysterious killings start occuring around the globe, detective E is called in to help solve the case. But this case proves harder than anything E has ever dealt with before. He decides that he simply cannot solve it on his own. E rallies in a motley crew made mostly of criminals with exceptional gifts and talents to help him. However, bringing together life-long outsiders and expecting them to work well together was always a risk. If your team doesn't get along then you don't stand a chance. But with the notorious Enigma still running wild there's no to waste. This is E's greatest case. His greatest challenge. His Greatest Enigma.
    p.s. If you have read things like Skulduggery Pleasant, Maximum Ride or Death Note then you may notice some sililaties between those and my style of writing. They just rub off on me. Oh and sorry for the cliche that is Wolfsbane.
This is great, but it reminds me of another certain series... hmmm....I'll give you a clue... *I'm sitting at the computer with my knee's up eating candy and missing Kira* (and I'm not saying it for effect, it's true...)
Matt each day Im going to add on to my story so check each day. thx
@Mat_the_w The 13th guide states that L is actually a quater Japanese, and if you use L, you could get sued
coolio, Matt. Cypher isn't based on a certain ginger computer hacker we know Laura loves, is he?
Use the letter R, as it is how the English L is pronounced in Japanese
N'aww you dedicated your story to me, that so nice of you. Thank you so much :D