daddy • l.h.

daddy • l.h.

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Dem Rad Gurls By Narry-My-Storan Updated Oct 22, 2015

❝so Lia, do you have a boyfriend nowadays?❞

                                ❝actually yes❞

❝what's his name?❞

                               ❝Luke; but I usually call him Daddy❞

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bluevelvets bluevelvets Aug 17, 2016
i don't know, ask grant gustin and he will tell you i do have one
LukeyBaby_x LukeyBaby_x 5 days ago
If HE was a big dick... wouldn't he have an even bigger dick...?
MikeyWHO MikeyWHO Jun 21, 2016
ew there was a crybaby/tag along girl i (along with everyone else in my school) HATED when i was little named Lia.... 
                              lowkey changing it to my name in my head (Malia) ahahhahabsna
mariana012131 mariana012131 2 days ago
Same but getting high(smoking weed or vape)is Mondays and Fridays maybe Saturdays.Porn is like once every week, sometimes I won't watch it that week.
LukeyBaby_x LukeyBaby_x 5 days ago
O h    w o w    t h a t    w e n t    f r o m    a    0    t o    a   1 0    r e a l l y    q u i c k l y .