Kagehina Texting AU

Kagehina Texting AU

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Kagehina is life By kagehinaforever Completed

A/N Hey everyone this is my first kagehina fanfic. I hope you all enjoy it and i would love to be encouraged to update it with all of your lovely comments and votes. Wish me luck. 

Kageyama's POV

Tobio Kageyama was never into the whole meeting people over the Internet. He was one of those people that thought everyone else was a perverted stalker. But one wrong number changed his views on all of that very quickly.

(493) 310-5592- Hey Tanaka is this you?

Me- Uh no I think you have the wrong number. My name's Kageyama.

(493) 310-5592- Well nice to meet you Kageyama senpai. My name is Shoyo Hinata. 

Me- Well since you have the wrong number this is goodbye. 

(493) 310-5592- Wait! Just because I don't know you doesn't mean it has to stay thay way. 

Me - Well I don't tend to trust random people on the internet.

(493) 310-5592- I'm not just a random person. I have a name, an adress, I go to a school. I live in Torono Town and I'm 15.

"Wait so he leaves in Torono Town too," Kageyama s...

Wow.. He actually knows that he's gay... And he admits it too.... What a miracle
                              UNLIKE MISAKI HERE
At first I read that as "Toronto" and I was like "ayee, Hinata's representing the 6!" I read it again and it said "Torono Town"...
First brat , now kid.  I think this is an ereri fanfiction.    All that's left is bright eyes
He's so casual about it meanwhile in other animes, girls are dying because they can't give their crush a bento... It's just food.
I only have 2-4 hours of sleep on school nights but then I sleep 10+ on weekends
                              (I'm usually sinning at midnight, if not then I'm sleeping)
In 2013 I became friends with my first internet friend and on the first night of talking she literally told me as blunt as can be that she's gay and has depression and these comments brought back memories XD