Stuck In Naruto : BOOK 1 Light up the Darkness

Stuck In Naruto : BOOK 1 Light up the Darkness

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Anna Riana Seshitah By HeavensLostProperty1 Updated Jul 23

You were faultless
 I was flawed...

I was lesser yet you gave more...

Now with time,
 I find you on my mind...

Perhaps I loved you,

                after all....

I do not own naruto! Gaara love story

shizukesa shizukesa Jul 19
Hoshiko no Yori = Trust's Star Child.
                              She must be an extremely trustworthy person that or the exact opposite for Irony's sake. it really that hard for authors to not make Mary sues all the time because damn
I was reading while listening to pewdiepie's theme song and I saw my sister watching pewdiepie videos....
                              Then I realized......
                               "Woahh... Did you just watch pewdiepie cuz while your watching it... I'm listening to his theme song... What a coincidence!!!"
ughatty5 ughatty5 Jul 25, 2016
woop she reminds me of the girl from blue exorcist with red and blonde hair
StarLights180 StarLights180 Dec 26, 2016
she looks and reminds me of a girl from the anime black rock shooter
DeidaraStalker DeidaraStalker Jun 15, 2016
*Beats the shiz out of author-Chan and takes cookie* I'm sorry author-chan but he's just so adorable!
                              *gives cookie to Tobi*
                              Tobi be mine forever!~