Spirit Wolves of the Green Forest

Spirit Wolves of the Green Forest

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*quantum-dabs* By MamaCheesecake Updated Nov 29, 2015

Shadow, Ice, Wind, Earth, Autumn, and Cloud. These are the six elements that reside in us all. 
But with bravery, freedom, thoughtfulness, intelligence, song, and amusement come rage, fear, loneliness, arrogance, depression, and ignorance. 

In the Green Forest, six tribes of wolves live their lives out in peace as they protect and grow the forest. 
Shadow Wolves guard the Inner Trees from anything that will harm them, Ice Wolves carry important information across all boundaries, Wind Wolves think of anything that will improve their home, Earth Wolves think of ways to make Wind ideas a reality, Autumn Wolves sing songs that heal the woods, and Cloud Wolves keep everyone happy. 

Everything is perfect, and the tribes live in harmony. That is, until they're born. 

"They" are the Bloodline Wolves, wolves born of two different tribes. And with two origins comes two fatal flaws. 

And with two fatal flaws comes destruction, and nothing will be as it is or was.

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Warrior_Of_OrcaClan Warrior_Of_OrcaClan Apr 08, 2016
                              SOUNDS LIKE IM AN ICE WOLF 
                              OR AN AUTUMN WOLF
                              ((Mind if I eventually make an OC?))