Revenge on the Boy Wonder (First Book in the Revenge on the Boy Wonder Trilogy)

Revenge on the Boy Wonder (First Book in the Revenge on the Boy Wonder Trilogy)

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Robin By BoyWonder53 Completed

You probably know him as Robin. That's what everyone knows him as. Many call him the Boy Wonder, a prodigy, a blessing on Gotham, bird boy, Batman's right hand man, the bat brat... Heck, you might even know him as Dick Grayson.

Because that's what I knew him as. He was my best friend. Or at least I thought he was. I understand why he left. I really do. His parents died right in front of his eyes. But he didn't have to leave me. No letters, no phone class, no contact at all. I loved him; I was nine years old and I knew I loved him. So when he left, his hurtful words stinging my heart, I was broken. And as soon as I saw the Boy Wonder on the news, I knew right away.

I had to see him. Prove him wrong. So that's why I put on the mask.

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@Christina_Nightraven this appeared on my feed :3 So there you go xD
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I watched lego batman yesterday and so I decided to find a fanfiction and I came across this. i'm so excited to read it.
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Um... I don't know how to describe it, I guess it is just "really good"
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I'm so excited to read this I'm shaking like a frickin chihuahua on steroids.