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L4D Wrong Love (Hunter x Reader)

L4D Wrong Love (Hunter x Reader)

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jimingotnojams By Springles_5sos Completed

Your pov:
I walked down the alley with Zoey, Francis, Bill, and Louis. We kept our guard and look out for any infected. I pointed my gun toward a dumpster where I heard a slight sound, only to find it was just a rat. I sighed in relief.

"(Y/n), it's ok...", Zoey said. Zoey is my friend, we've been friends since we met. I gave her a smile, before I heard a coughing, the coughing of Smoker.

"Shh... keep quiet. Hide in the shadows, so he won't see us.", Bill whispered, signaling us with his hands. We all nodded and hid in the shadows, against the wall.

"Shh... it's coming closer.", Bill whispered, again. We all kept quiet, then Bill pointed to where Smoker was standing. Francis got out his shotgun, ready for fire.

"Ready... set...", Bill whispered. Francis aimed at the Smoker, his fingers on the trigger.

"FIRE!", Bill yelled. Before the Smoker could shoot out his tongue, his head was blown off by the shot. We heard the loud roar of the horde coming our way. I took out a pipebomb, whe...

Candi_Card Candi_Card Jan 29
I never even try to shoot hunters... I love them too much!!!!
GaaraGirl1234 GaaraGirl1234 Aug 17, 2016
This is a total throwback for me i havent played the first game in so long (ill prob jus end up playin it later lol)
smol_little_bitch smol_little_bitch Oct 28, 2016
Actually *took glasses out of no where* Eyes are also known as the windows of your soul *breaks them* It's just a fact though
Candi_Card Candi_Card Jan 29
I'd do that same thing as she did with Francis with my brother. Goodbye, sisters, I guess brother
Candi_Card Candi_Card Jan 29
While playing L4D:
                              with friends; attempt to avoid the witch.
                              single player; BLOW THAT SH!T TO BITS
TheGamer120X TheGamer120X Dec 08, 2015
What was that movie darn I forgot it's name it's where a zombie falls inlove and becomes human again.. This reminds me of it .
                              Oh and I LOVE the story so far you write super!