I Dare You (Percy Jackson Truth or Dare)

I Dare You (Percy Jackson Truth or Dare)

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Justice Never Sleeps By Justice44702 Updated Jul 10, 2015

Let's play Truth or Dare! The Persassy Style!

Just a normal Truth or Dare game in a normal day in Camp-Half-Blood.

(New) I already added an Ask the Demigods portion. Bonus!

P.S. I am no swearer; so there are 100% No. Bad. Words! Just had to say that... 'Cause I know although the world has a lot of swearers, there are still alot (like me) who are not. Just being modest...

You know, Percy can take you out of the island, Jason could fly you out, Nico could shadow travel, Frank can turn into something and bring you out, Annabeth could make a raft
You are so busted. Why isn't Thalia in there. No offense but she's my favorite character