The Gods Among Us  -  Fairy Tail/Percy Jackson crossover

The Gods Among Us - Fairy Tail/Percy Jackson crossover

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Yuki By Yukimoto-Namikaze Updated Feb 01, 2016

Honestly, if you asked him, Percy would say he couldn't remember how he got here. He would say that he had been wandering for a long time in search of something.

In reality? Zeus banished him to Tartarus for being too 'powerful'. Now, immortal and alone, Percy managed to find a weird place where people use a small object to change their outfit's color and wield ice by having a giant glowing circle in the air.

He didn't think he'd have anyone to care for in his life until he met Fairy Tail.
(Completed. Sequel is up)
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ShelbyxHarley ShelbyxHarley Aug 10, 2017
Only Percy would see a dragon and be like "hmm seems legit hiya nice ta meat ya "
NotNormal34 NotNormal34 Jan 22
Why am I thinking about that scene in the live action Green Lantern movie where Hal’s dad tosses him his jacket and says ‘keep it warm for me.’ ???
ShelbyxHarley ShelbyxHarley Aug 10, 2017
HAHAHAHA I'm sure it was MOSTLY the good kind...,if you factor in the fact it was a huge addition so Natsu can still cuss like a sailor
Snarza Snarza Jul 23, 2016
Anyone else remembering naruto's kill-me jacket for some reason?
Yuno-Nightgale Yuno-Nightgale Aug 29, 2016
percy eating fish? thats offensive the real percy wouldn't eat his ppl
Thorpercy2 Thorpercy2 Sep 01, 2016
Hey man can I use the same name and plot of this story for one of my own I am planning on taking the story further