Sorry Not Sorry, Bitch

Sorry Not Sorry, Bitch

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NEMOLO By NEMOLO Updated Aug 15, 2015

Another school year had passed and Janey's junior year of college at the Agnes Rothschild Arts Conservatory came along in it's same dull manner. Janey had already withstood two drab years of a monotonous schedule: Go to breakfast, go to class, stare at crushes, go back to dorm, shower, and watch Disney reruns on Netflix. 

          This year however, Janey was inching towards her 21st birthday with no friends, no boyfriend, and no experiences that would allow her to put her finger down in a game of "never-have-I-ever". As of now, she was out of her boring job at Delia's Bakery that allowed her to experience the luxury of a monthly Netflix subscription, so her Disney reruns were about to stop and she needed to do something fast. 

           Unbeknownst to her, the years of her uneventful existence were building up, ready to burst, and she would be in for the ride of her life. With the introduction of her new roommate, Theodora, her life was about to change drastically. Whether the change would be good or bad would depend on the perspective of the wary onlooker. But just remember that things seem better when you're on the outside looking in.

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