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Sabertooth's New Princess

Sabertooth's New Princess

72.9K Reads 2.1K Votes 23 Part Story
Summer Rose By FairyTail_Lover68 Completed

Lucy started getting the cold shoulder when Lisanna came back from the "dead". Lucy will quit the guild and bump into some old friends from her childhood. When Fairy Tail see's Lucy at the Grand Magic Games with Happy by her side with the enemy they were shocked. Lucy does rejoin Fairy Tail in a gruesome event. When it comes down to it, what will happen when Lucy has to face off with the people who taught everything she knows? You will be shocked at how it ends!!!!!!!!!!!

FaY_A_Wong FaY_A_Wong Mar 17
Happy u traitor what about natsu? I mean hes pretty much your dad...
AngelZWolf AngelZWolf May 18
Ummmm Lucy should listen to Gray, also she should have told the guild that she knew lissana has a crush on Natsu and she doesn't want to hurt lissana feelings and trust
Whisperingcat Whisperingcat Sep 14, 2016
HRENEHEHEJXNSN Um whoops I was trying to write, GREEENNNN?!?! OMG
Nalu_No_Nali Nalu_No_Nali Jul 25, 2016
Everyone's complaining about the eyes I'm like. -_- what the fûck does the picture mean
Ojwalk03 Ojwalk03 Aug 22, 2016
HAPPY!! You big blue ball of fluff where are you?! 
                              Happy: aye 
                              Me: *runs up to happy a hugs him* thank you
Natsu didn't like Happy taking his food, so why would he like Lucy taking his cat?