My Alpha Mate,  I Call Muffin. (COMPLETED)

My Alpha Mate, I Call Muffin. (COMPLETED)

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"Muffins are soft. I'm not soft."
"You're soft. For me..."
"Sadly, it's true."

Marley's mother always treated her like the ugly sister. Her older sister, Delilah, received much more attention than she did.  One day though, Marley goes to a party. At this party she meets an alpha. An alpha that turns out to be her mate.

iCutiee_ iCutiee_ 5 hours ago
Nuttela and strawberry would have been better but that's close a bit
misfarray misfarray Aug 30
Wow.....😨😨😨😨 well aren't just.... ............I don't even know what to say. 
Tigerlive Tigerlive Jul 24
Bruh see this chair *motions to chair* see your head *motions to her head* lets see what happens when combined
The one word everyone that reads werewolf book looks forward too
I'm going need her mom to have several seats please and thank you
tanitweety tanitweety Oct 11
If thats what a simple caress did, what will happen when he kisses her? :')