My Alpha Mate,  I Call Muffin. (COMPLETED)

My Alpha Mate, I Call Muffin. (COMPLETED)

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"Muffins are soft. I'm not soft."
"You're soft. For me..."
"Sadly, it's true."

Marley's mother always treated her like the ugly sister. Her older sister, Delilah, received much more attention than she did.  One day though, Marley goes to a party. At this party she meets an alpha. An alpha that turns out to be her mate.

Leilazuberi Leilazuberi Aug 10
If I were a boy ... I would date myself too it's just life 😁😁😁
😐😕🙂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bruuuuuhhhhhhh whyyyyyyy!!!!! If that was me, I'd jump off a bridge when I woke up!😂😅😵
Its so unfortunate that matt bomer is gay he is too damn sexy to be gay but all the good ones always are
"Hey, hey hey hey hey hey hey hey. OOOOOHHHHHH I DO I DO I DO I DOOOOOO HEYYY"😂😂 first thing I thought of
btstrashT4T btstrashT4T Aug 24
If I were a boy...I'd, well, ditch me because I'm definitely not my type but looks wise sure I would
_audicous_twix_ _audicous_twix_ 6 days ago
That's what they all say. And then they end up looking like a gargoyle