Troubled Minds~ (Ticci Toby Love Story)

Troubled Minds~ (Ticci Toby Love Story)

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"I couldn't feel pain, but i felt the pain she had caused me.. Why? I wish i could get her damn face out of my mind, my heart is filled with darkness but for some reason she could touch my undesired heart and no one else could.. Why?"

In the 2000's a 17 year old boy named Toby, was troubled his mind was clouded in darkness, from the world he had lived in, being harassed picked on and abused. Harley, a girl who tried to save him from falling into the pit of madness, ended up in a dark place after her plan failed and his mind had been abducted. 

After the tragedy a witch kidnaps her as she is forced to be under an experiment inside the witches cult. The witches curse consumes Harley, but whom is behind the mask can only stop it. Harley gets stuck with her perverted companion a witch, or well warlock to watch her every move. Orders were sent from the cult as they move into Toby's old house, the troubled house the town called it. 

Toby's dark bloodlust eyes sink into hers as fate had them meet once more when he holds her up against a wall in an open village. Will the man in the mask cause evil to take its toll? Or will love blossom again in the depths of these troubled minds?

*i don't own any creepypasta characters! 
Just for copyright purposes I have to say that!*

(WickedAngel98's book #3 of the creepypasta series, you don't have to read them in order.)

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Doesn't it bother you when they call you ma'am? I'd be like, "Please, call me Betty"
Toxic_Ash Toxic_Ash Sep 10
Don't worry I won't copy ur work 
                              If I do ( witch I won't because I'm not a plagiarist ) i will jump off the Empire State Building and die :D so don't worry
RawlfTheCat RawlfTheCat Apr 15
The brother seems like some spoiled brat who needs some sense slapped into him
Im kinda confused is Harley the main character? And why Kou is here?
DiabolikKitten DiabolikKitten Jun 20, 2015
I liked the beginning I can tell there's gonna be a lot of twists I'm excited to see what happens
ZombieSlayer44 ZombieSlayer44 Jun 20, 2015
They sound like they are suppose to be British are they? o.o