The cat shifter

The cat shifter

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Ayye it's Kay By Mocking_Kay Updated Jun 11

Leo had black hair. He wore baggy shirts and beanies. No matter what he wouldn't take them off or change. His small quick body. His odd love for fish and milk. His shy attitude. His hatred for water. All of these things have one reason.  

He's cat shifter. His white and orange spotted tail and ears always show. His parents killed by hunters he is the last of his family. All he wants is a quiet life, but when a werewolf sets their  sights on him it's not easy to get away.

[this is an awful book that gets a bit better in newer characters. Im so sorry its very very bad. Contains typical emo character for the beginning]

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I want that cat! My mom hates cats, for some obsurd reason, so we can't get any. Even if all three of her kids at home are willing to pay for and take care of it, she says no.
--Buscemi --Buscemi Mar 22
Tilapia is the bomb although I hate fish cuz I seem to get the tiniest bones lodged sideways in my throat like....WTF?!? Obviously the Fish God has something against me😂😥
That's sad. How could they so that to a harmless cute adorable fluffy nekomimi creatures. It's beyond utter ridiculous.☹️😢
Welp its official I'm a cat
                              Loves fish. yep
                              Hates water. Yep
GULR01 GULR01 Jun 24
Yea real quick fix the description lol the first sentence makes no sense author
Fun fact: the reason cats hate water usually is because they can't shake as well as dogs so the water in their fur weighs them down making them feel uncomfortable.