When You Fall For A Sex God

When You Fall For A Sex God

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ENJOY! By Mouki21 Completed

So from the title I'm sure you can guess what this is going to be about. Let me set the scene for you. 

In a far away land there is a young boy named Dustin... I mean Zach, who's a complete loner because he's the only 'out' gay boy in his entire school. Aisling... I mean Adeline, takes pity on him and decides to become his new best friend. Memphis... I mean Leon, accidentally kicks Zach in the face with a soccer ball, which Rory... I mean Oliver, tries to cover for. Am I ringing any bells here? 

Hahaha this is a retelling of your favorite love story with a whole new twist. New characters, new adventures.
Come join the story you loved before, now revamped with whole new mishaps and characteristics.  
The characters you once new are doppelganged in 'When You Fall For A Sex God'.

  • mouki4life
Oh, I'm glad you noticed. I was just about to point that out about you.
Asher257 Asher257 Oct 11
i literallt saw the meatloaf's high pitched scream and was like " okay. its official. this guy has a sense of humor" * clicks on star immediately*
I-am-queen-batman I-am-queen-batman Nov 16, 2016
I want to scream right now ahh I can't take *screams and runs to hug Benjamin* BENJAMIN MY BABY I MISS YOU SO MUCH,NOBODY WILL EVER REPLACE YOU
Victurri_Fangurl Victurri_Fangurl Dec 06, 2016
I hate people that dont like the lgbtq community, there people  just like us (I'm stait  and I have a bi bff)
All my friends are either gay or bi, now stfu before I make you
MoodyLoverAoi MoodyLoverAoi Nov 19, 2016
wow who is the new rory i want to know and there better be no more stabbings