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The Nerdy Jock (BoyxBoy) Short Story

The Nerdy Jock (BoyxBoy) Short Story

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Bcontesa By Bcontesa618 Completed

From the moment my hormones kicked in, I knew I was different from other boys.  Not wanting to make other people too aware of this, I stayed within the confines of a stereotype to avoid social suicide.  However, I did it in a way that would not make me compromise who I am as a person...

XNWilliams XNWilliams Feb 28, 2016
this is a Jason my school's valedictorian and the baseball champ except he's 100% straight....
                              ....I'm pretty sure.
- - Jul 26, 2016
Conner could be me because I'm one of those people who eat a lot but gain little fat, so I could have the dream body if I stuck to a workout routine, but I'm too lazy. Could be straight A student but why try in middle school? Only really matters in highschool. And I've always hated sports *sigh*
aye_024 aye_024 Feb 11, 2016
His friends and himself included sound like pretty awesome ppl
Kimberlylai1234 Kimberlylai1234 Oct 19, 2016
This is literally one of the most impossible things did you ever, get good grades, train for all the sports he does, and still have a social life this is nearly impossible
name_s_aphrodisiac name_s_aphrodisiac Jul 02, 2016
Wait, I'm confused. He plays two sports in one season? People can actually do that?
Lonesome_Fire Lonesome_Fire Sep 17, 2015
I am so excited! I am inlove already, I can't wait for thr next update which I hope is soon. #squealing...  He is my dream! #sob.. Keep up the great work!