My Criminal || l.h

My Criminal || l.h

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"Shut up! You don't know anything about me you little brat!" He screamed back. 

"So tell me about you so I will understand." Bold move Tyler. He could be a killer. He beat up that guy. 

"If I did you would run and hide. You would be terrified." He claims. 

"Try me." you're stupid I tell myself.

If you want to die so bad because of your home life then leave...better than committing suicide
I AM THE ONE THE ON WHO GETS RESPECT ON THE STREETS (sorry if I got the lyrics wrong I hear my friends say it all the time lols)
well, she's a disgusting person who doesn't deserve to be a mother.
ebony2214 ebony2214 Nov 08
Came to read this book cuz I was bored AND BOOM 0-1000 real quick