Girls can play Baseball

Girls can play Baseball

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"Your head is so big, I can't believe you can fit it into a batting helmet!" 

If you think Girls can't play baseball, you're wrong. 

Samantha Connors, a strong confident 16 year old girl who's been waiting all winter to play softball. But when softball isn't an option, baseball is fine too. 

Ryan Matthews, the guy every girl wants, Mr. popular, completely gorgeous and the head captain of the baseball team. 

Ryan won't allow girls to play on the baseball team and Samantha will do whatever it takes to play. Samantha and Ryan both take dislikes to one another and will do whatever it takes to win this battle.
But your actions have consequences, and those consequences might just lead to more fighting or something much more? 

Girls can play Baseball.

Ewwww cheerleading. If softball was easier, they would call it school cheer. No offence or anything, at least we can get down and dirty.
FutureWritterLA FutureWritterLA Dec 19, 2016
Strike those sexists out! (Well....not exactly that, but...oh you get my point)
DeVries42 DeVries42 May 20, 2016
I'm a girl and I play baseball, it's actually really fun although I get hurt a lot 😂 but eh, who cares
AgoungBol AgoungBol Feb 24
Omg why do the main girl characters have to be short 😒 but i guess her girl power makes up for it so im still very happy and proud of her✊😠😠
kat_howler kat_howler Jan 12
Lol I have a teacher called exactly that....I hate her😂😂
Shreya_The_Best_1602 Shreya_The_Best_1602 Nov 20, 2016
Nice plot line although try adding more descriptions to this