Sufin/Dennor one shots

Sufin/Dennor one shots

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Norgayyy By Norgayyy Updated Sep 27, 2016

A collection of Sufin, Dennor, and Hongice short fics. They are all in certain AUs, and are usually about 1000 words per short fic. 

I update frequently, and try to respond to most comments.

Have any questions? Message me, and I should respond within a few hours or days. 

(All of the characters belong to Himaruya, and are not mine. Hetalia is also not mine, and is also credited to the fabulous Himaruya. Though the plotlines for these stories are mine, and if you steal my plotlines I will most likely find out. You have been warned))

She should of had said
                              "Berwald, Tino better be able to walk"
SenpaiCeeCee SenpaiCeeCee Oct 03, 2016
After reading this I imagined Finland turning his head around 180 degrees then looking at Sweden.
Dreamer-To-Be Dreamer-To-Be May 19, 2016
Did you mean "wanker"?  Because I'm not sure if "make up" (as pointless as it is--- sorry make up users) is an insult...
Fabulous_x10 Fabulous_x10 Sep 27, 2016
You know shíts gonna go down when it's the damn BTT. (Nothing against them though)
Completetotalfangirl Completetotalfangirl Jun 16, 2016
Can me and my friend/sister join.
                              We look nothing alike, I think that we might have been sisters in a past life, yes I belive in that type of thing, I am semi-phsycic
The_Cutest_Flavio The_Cutest_Flavio Nov 12, 2016
Wait you forgot 
                              And Fin- OH RIGHT HE'S IN THE CLOSEST