Secret Garden (Hetalia England/Arthur KirklandXReader)

Secret Garden (Hetalia England/Arthur KirklandXReader)

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민윤기 By sugadoughnutkookies Updated Jul 10, 2015

{Y/n} {L/n} was raised as a maid, she was constantly trained never to disobey and to work wholeheartedly. 

Arthur Kirkland was a rejected heir of the mansion and fortune by his father, even though he was an only child. He was constantly pampered by the head house maid who believes his imaginary illness.

Alfred Jones, a brother like figure to {Y/n} but he does have personal feelings for her not as a brother as well. He is also a hardworker whenever needed.

(basically this is a edited fanfiction of secret garden. pictures and characters belong respectively to their rightful owners.)

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evilturkey5 evilturkey5 Jun 10, 2017
I'm so dense. I looked at this as a normal phrase as deciding what to do and I didn't realize she was going to kill herself until I saw the other comments. Geez, I'm so dense.
Hyera_Kim Hyera_Kim Jun 12, 2017
I though she was gonna run away till I read the others' comments. O-oh, well
Icecreamcookies0518 Icecreamcookies0518 Apr 05, 2017
Actually you're not with master if it's as said that if you kill yourself you'd go to hell then you'd be in hell while masters in heaven unless he's in hell
Cubie_D1 Cubie_D1 May 20, 2017
                              Martha:"Don't worry im just 'hanging' around"
                              Reader: Nooooo!!!
evilturkey5 evilturkey5 Jun 10, 2017
Someone in another comment said something about the hanging tree and I have no idea why, but it made me think of The Giving Tree XD
StarLunarisAckerman StarLunarisAckerman Sep 08, 2017
The sad thing is that I ha d friend names Martha.. she dead too...MARTHA!!