An Act Unknowingly (ON HOLD)

An Act Unknowingly (ON HOLD)

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Mercy kalu By Mercy198 Updated Mar 22, 2016

Emma Dale is not the ideal fantasy character that you'll picture in a fairy tale...let's just say her story's different and has everything to do with fate, Destiny and true love.

Meet Damian Russell, his looks and money will make your heart drop but his character will make you barf. Aggression, anger, rude talks: that's all the package of Damian till something incident, an accident which throws him back to the reason why his life is messed up which brings Emma into the picture...but this two won't have a normal beginning but hopefully the end is...well you'll just have to read and find out what's different about their story from all others.

Don't forget that in every story...there's a villain and her name is Paula Tom Russell...An Act Unknowingly is a novel that'll send your heart throbbing for more.

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BexDevereux BexDevereux May 24, 2016
So I'm gathering she is brown the cover picture is white😳it doesn't matter just deceiving and is it that she is mute can't talk? If so why is that?
ReadingAddictMartha2 ReadingAddictMartha2 Oct 22, 2016
Roses are red
                              Trump is near
                              We would be safe
                              If Harambe was here
cora_p cora_p Aug 17, 2016
i don't know why she didn't say that her parents where : europeans by their skin complexion but she didn't know which type of european .
                              besides you don't have to be african to be black and, how can she just assume he's whealty just from he's fair skin
pinkyrubinstein pinkyrubinstein Sep 04, 2016
thats gotta be hard for her to communicate without talking. a real but interesting challenge!
Symply_sylvia45 Symply_sylvia45 Nov 30, 2016
What did you mean by Emma can't tell which type of  African she is.please explain
PaoGallagher PaoGallagher Jun 23, 2016
Fish is a compound noun, meaning, you can't say 'fishes', it's just fish.