Roommates || n.g *editing*

Roommates || n.g *editing*

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P.J.Martin By PhoebeMartin99 Completed

In which Imogen, a 17 year old looking for better acting opportunities moves to California and ends up being roommates with Nash who she finds attractive yet intimidating. She try's to convince herself that nothing will happen but when they get comfortable with one another, will she still convince herself it's nothing?

This book contains Mature Content, read at your own risk.

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Lia_is_queen Lia_is_queen Aug 27, 2017
I actually want mixed green and blues eyes, those sound pretty to look at not just brown eyes😭
AbbeyQuenby2 AbbeyQuenby2 May 28, 2017
Before I was like meh when people were on about Nash now I'm like mhm keep going I'm not bored blue eyes yep and his hair yep he's perfect
_WhyDontWe_Dallas_ _WhyDontWe_Dallas_ Oct 27, 2017
I have mix green and blue eyes... They ain't ugly.. Well I think they are weird but my friends Like them... If u search hazel blue eyes that's what my eyes look like
-extragalactic- -extragalactic- May 09, 2017
Dreamcather220 Dreamcather220 Jun 28, 2016
alyssanikole_12 alyssanikole_12 Jan 31, 2016
Wait, her name is Imogen? That's interesting, what ethnicity is she?