~The Outsiders~ *One Shots*

~The Outsiders~ *One Shots*

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Cyndy By xCandy_101x Completed

Tonight was one of the biggest nights of my life. I was wearing a long turquoise, strapless dress that was fitting to match my shape, and spread out at the bottom. I had my hair down in curls, and with my bangs, I created a bump in the front.

Before walking out, I quickly checked my make up, and slipped on my silver heels. I stepped out of my room, and made my way into the living room, where my date was waiting. Danny. He wasn't exactly the guy I want to go with, but he was my second choice. The guy I really wanted to go with, didn't go to school. Sodapop Curtis, the one I've had a crush on for the longest time now.

I entered the room, and all guys stood up. Darry had a smile on his face, as soon as he saw me. But my attention was fixed on Soda. His sweet eyes, staring back at me. A slight smile appearing on his perfect face. I approached the two guys that willingly let me stay with them.

"You look great, Rose" Darry said. I smiled at his compliment. Then, I turned to Soda, who seem...

Who wouldn't have a crush on Sodapop? HES SO PRECIOUS!! 💕💕 ahh
ok after almost being possibly raped and killed y'all are just gonna start dating? ok.
                              WOOOOOAAAAHHHH LIVIN ON A PRAYER 
                              TAKE MY HAND WE'LL MAKE IT I SWEEEAAARRR
                              WOOOOAAAAHHH LIVIN ON A PRAYER!
                              Ok sorry I had to.
dag_dag123 dag_dag123 Jan 31
IM SCREAMING this story needs more recognition✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
I'm listening to Johnny boy by tøp and it was legit "Get up Johnny boy"
GingerSanchez GingerSanchez Sep 19, 2014
You mean Darry?  For a second I thought you were going with a Soc!