Looping, oh the fun! (Naruto)

Looping, oh the fun! (Naruto)

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TT By LonerKid Updated Jan 19, 2016

Naruto and Sasuke are looping, and they're bored. They've already destroyed Konoha 15 times, taken over the world 15 times, gathered a harem 20 times and failed each time, joined ANBU 78 times, created their own villages over 30 times... What should they do now?

For those of you who don't know what looping is, basically, it's time traveling done over and over and over again. Sometimes, it can also be dimension jumping (which appeared in my story). Something always triggers looping. Most of the time the trigger is death. 

If a character dies, he will wake up back in time. Do things, die again, and wake up back in the same time again. Or in some circumstances, wake up and find oneself in another dimension. See "Naruto Omake Files Innortal Style" for reference. Recommend Chapter 7 New Intros.

AsunaXI AsunaXI Jul 25
                              XD Kubinashi's head forever bullied 
                              What would Rikuo say bout dis
Narutofol Narutofol Dec 31, 2016
that was such an good anime why cant there be an secound season