From The Shire with Love

From The Shire with Love

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luvmeeh By luvmeeh Updated Dec 17, 2015

Original Concept by JayRTickner

Roaming loose in the forests of the arctic, she had no name. She only called herself the Guardian. Unknown as to how she came to be, only the now interested her. But her 'now' is being interrupted when captured and sold in an auction house.

With his father, Eugene goes to an auction house to find some new blood for their ranch herd. What he didn't expect to find was a massive horse with attitude to spare, and beauty like no other. Awkward feelings abound when his infatuation is towards a beast, though he has no room to say since he is a wolf shifter.

Through hardships and tribulations, Eugene just might find love from the shire. 

**Not a typical instant love. Too cliche. They have to work for it.**
Cover does not belong to me but to the respective owner.

  • action
  • drama
  • horse
  • romance
  • shifter
  • werewolf
luvmeeh luvmeeh Jul 18, 2015
thanks im qorking on my other story "promise ne one thing". ill start on this prob ina few weeks
viva997 viva997 May 16, 2015
i am already here and ready. nice job on writing it.. keep on going. 
JayRTickner JayRTickner May 16, 2015
It's awesome, you did a great job. Ill begin to send people your way.