Sweet Cheat (Ziam fanfic)

Sweet Cheat (Ziam fanfic)

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Sparrow Blue By SparrowBlueLondon Completed

Liam's life is perfection. 

He's got looks, a girl on his arm and an massive music career. 
But ever since Zayn left, a black hole kept widening inside of him. 

Pressured to get married, Zayn struggles to keep pleasing the world. To be back in Liam's arms, he must risk loosing his reputation, career and family.

Zayn uses his beauty and seduction skills to bait Liam, and every action... has a reaction.

Both boys tempt fate in a story of wild nights, betrayed lovers, hurtful revenge and sticky sweet love.


All rights reserved. This work is a fan fiction for entertainment purposes only. The story and situation I am creating is a work of my imagination and any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental. You are responsible for your own choices, actions, and results. The content here is purely fictional and does not represent the opinion of the author.

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009000909q 009000909q Oct 05, 2017
a ziam shipper and a lowkey zerrie shipper..so no problem :D
Ziam-Love-Child Ziam-Love-Child Mar 29, 2017
I'm picturing the interviews when Zee and Perogi first got "engaged" and Zayn was always touching Liam when they brought it up or when Liam would look away or look like a sad Lil puppy. Y'all are welcome in advance for the emotional damage
SparrowBlueLondon SparrowBlueLondon Feb 23, 2016
Emily who does amazing ziam vids on youtube. Shes on twitter @_halfabluesky_
- - Apr 16, 2016
man i watched the trailer by the youtuber i subscribed to and im not dissapointed lmfao looking forward
recordpayne recordpayne Feb 15, 2016
I found this story from the lovely trailer a user called emily made on youtube. Its so amazing, I hope you've seen it :)
TerrifyingBliss TerrifyingBliss 5 days ago
You Should’ve Never Convinced Him Your Love Was Dying 🙄. Now Look You Gotta Object To The Damn Wedding When You Could’ve Avoided This