Courted By A Serial Killer

Courted By A Serial Killer

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Melanie Eberheart By XxNekocoxX Completed

Zane is officially with Cliff and it makes his best friend, Kevin, a little jealous. He's never had a girlfriend and he begins to envy Zane for having someone who loves him so much. But, Kevin being the shy person he is, is too nervous to actually except someone telling them they like him. Something Cliff's friend Ched has told him a million times. Then, as fate would have it, Kevin accidentally gets stuck in the back of Ched's car when he's helping him pack for a summer get away. When Ched finally realizes, it's too late to turn back and take the teenager home. Plus, why would he? This gives him the perfect chance to get into Kevin's heart and maybe his underwear too!

This is book two of my first book 'Kiddnaped By A Serial Killer'. If you haven't read that you should go and do that. Also, this is a boyxboy book so if you're not comfortable with that then don't read. Others, enjoy! 


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PrinxeJ PrinxeJ Mar 21, 2017
@ me every time one of my friends makes a joke about me and my crush
Panda123382 Panda123382 Feb 05, 2017
I'm reading this while I'm supposed to be working! Lol!😝😋
PotatoKing6 PotatoKing6 Aug 08, 2016
Me when I came over at my friend's house and she started to flirt with her husband...
sukiRusgishi sukiRusgishi Feb 06, 2017
We all know where this is headed ( I hope Kevin's not a virgin)
ItisTheyaoiQueen ItisTheyaoiQueen Nov 14, 2016
If ched and Kevin got together wouldn't that make Kevin cliffs step dad
PaigeBarber7 PaigeBarber7 Jul 18, 2016
First I always thought of Ched to look like Mado from Tokyo Ghoul. Then Tsukiyama... And now Nishiki