Ouran High School Host club x Reader Oneshots

Ouran High School Host club x Reader Oneshots

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it's too long and I'm too lazy By littleblondi Updated Jul 14

Okay my otakus and other people, this is my first collection of fanfics....of ANY type so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or OOC characters.

I will try to put two put tonight if possible, but I must warn you some updates will be slow, because of the last couple weeks of school for the year and finals and I've signed a couple dance contracts and Aaaaaahhhh! plus I do not always have open access to internet. lastly I got a summer job (Ew I know) but it's at an amusment park!

and for the followers I already had who wanted me to update another book you may see I've deleted it...sorry but ya know, I hadn't updated in a year and blah. soooooo I'm alive! see! hello! not gone. *Sherlock runs through room yelling "NOT DEAD!"*

one last thing my lovelies, I will not likely be putting up lemons. or at least not any time soon, cause I can't handle that. I...am...not...pure! so I think we'll start with a kyoya, so....yeah.

requests are welcome! They would help....a lot. soooo thanks!

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                              You mean,
                              BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA- No.
                              Like, 'Merica.
                              Just remember that.
wtf_fangirl wtf_fangirl Jul 03
And you took a chip...and eat it ! *someome knows that referemce ;3*
I can only get A's. Everytime a get a B, even if it was one point away from an A, my mom would start fussing and saying a lot of shít
puppdoggy puppdoggy May 27
Me: *gets 15*
                              Parents: OMG LAUREN WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! YOUR IMPROVING SO MUCH!!!!!!
My grandpa wouldn't care and my mom would play for the first time in forever. And I'd chase her and my brother around for the rest of the day.
What's he complaining about? I literally got a 15% on my last math test