Ouran High School Host club x Reader Oneshots

Ouran High School Host club x Reader Oneshots

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it's too long and I'm too lazy By littleblondi Updated Nov 24, 2016

Okay my otakus and other people, this is my first collection of fanfics....of ANY type so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or OOC characters.

I will try to put two put tonight if possible, but I must warn you some updates will be slow, because of the last couple weeks of school for the year and finals and I've signed a couple dance contracts and Aaaaaahhhh! plus I do not always have open access to internet. lastly I got a summer job (Ew I know) but it's at an amusment park!

and for the followers I already had who wanted me to update another book you may see I've deleted it...sorry but ya know, I hadn't updated in a year and blah. soooooo I'm alive! see! hello! not gone. *Sherlock runs through room yelling "NOT DEAD!"*

one last thing my lovelies, I will not likely be putting up lemons. or at least not any time soon, cause I can't handle that. I...am...not...pure! so I think we'll start with a kyoya, so....yeah.

requests are welcome! They would help....a lot. soooo thanks!

MissionToMarsy MissionToMarsy Jul 29, 2016
I've read this so many times ;-; omg it's the best. Teach me your ways.
Soul-Reaper Soul-Reaper Sep 04, 2016
Look who's talking. You've got a bad hip, false knee, and man boobs you old sack of mayonnaise
pj23MCR pj23MCR Aug 13, 2016
I dont have a grandfather...so yeah.
                              I just made it more depressing
RobynChan05 RobynChan05 Oct 10, 2016
i think her head is blonde, but the type of color you are trying to say is 'strawberry blonde' yes?
lamexicana02 lamexicana02 Aug 02, 2016
My grandpa don't care about grades!!
                              He only cares if I know how to make tortillas!!
Nerd_Girl_Hope_ Nerd_Girl_Hope_ Nov 24, 2016
I'm sorry
                              It's just...
                              This was sweet an all
                              But Readers gonna die....
                              She took Renege's Senpai....