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Ouran High School Host club x Reader Oneshots

Ouran High School Host club x Reader Oneshots

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it's too long and I'm too lazy By littleblondi Updated Nov 24, 2016

Okay my otakus and other people, this is my first collection of fanfics....of ANY type so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or OOC characters.

I will try to put two put tonight if possible, but I must warn you some updates will be slow, because of the last couple weeks of school for the year and finals and I've signed a couple dance contracts and Aaaaaahhhh! plus I do not always have open access to internet. lastly I got a summer job (Ew I know) but it's at an amusment park!

and for the followers I already had who wanted me to update another book you may see I've deleted it...sorry but ya know, I hadn't updated in a year and blah. soooooo I'm alive! see! hello! not gone. *Sherlock runs through room yelling "NOT DEAD!"*

one last thing my lovelies, I will not likely be putting up lemons. or at least not any time soon, cause I can't handle that.! so I think we'll start with a kyoya, so....yeah.

requests are welcome! They would help....a lot. soooo thanks!

Blackasknight Blackasknight Sep 30, 2016
*clears throat* yea I'd be cussing like a drunk sailor at happy hour
I_am_familton_lams I_am_familton_lams Oct 16, 2016
My friends make best in front of me saying who I will hook up with
that one clip of Dan (from danisnotonfire) screaming 'is you a wuss'....... it's fun to see people stare at me when I'm in public and someone is calling me 😂😂
Blunar_Rabid Blunar_Rabid Dec 31, 2016
WELP I remember when I fell on glass and my hand was bleeding and I was suffering while kids in sections grade just looked at me like I was crazy(cause we were in art class and there was glass broken on the floor from idk what and I fell on it)
Sargent_Snow_Tiger Sargent_Snow_Tiger Aug 16, 2016
I'm gonna get so much hate for this but Jar Jar Binks saying Exqueese me is literally my ring tone currently and it has been for a year. *cue the angry Jar Jar haters with the pitchforks*
marshy-scribbles marshy-scribbles 7 hours ago
probably because he has a drinking problem. I know a few people who do and a few who get... violent...