The Alpha's Mate

The Alpha's Mate

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Chris By destroyerkid Completed

Derrek is Mr.popular and soon to be alpha of his pack yea pack as in wolf pack he is a werewolf he has a big ego and expects everyone to worship the ground he walks on he had always said he does not need a mate so when he finds his mate all that comes to mind is "Awwww fuck."

This is my first book so it was really bad (not saying my recent books are much better) so please keep that in mind while reading this 

( Editing credit goes to no one )

U dont hurt mate silly what it makes his wolf look dumb and he has to be dominant u get me
I wouldn't leave air holes I would be like
                              Mmmmmm FÛCK YOU
Join the club plus we are not lazy we just like taking short cuts
Heartfel Heartfel Jan 13
Hmm... It would be even better if you edit it. The story is good so far but your writing is a bit messy
talented85 talented85 May 04, 2016
Just because he finds out he's his mate dont mean he have to say I love you,  I think that's so cliche to say regardless if they're mates or not.... Get to know him first because saying I love jeez.
RoxanneGood RoxanneGood Feb 18, 2016
Take heart. I don't even have the guts to post. You are doing great