The Cheat ; n.m

The Cheat ; n.m

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baby angel By satanicdrugs Updated Sep 12, 2015

Hey if your wondering who I am I'm Alexis May. I'm 16 and I have a boyfriend named Jack Gilinsky. He's my life and I love him so much. I love hanging out with my family and my friends. 

I was getting dressed for school, then when I was ready I ran downstairs and ate breakfast, kissed my mom and dad on the cheek and left. When I got to school me and my boyfriend hugged and kissed. We started walking to class. Until my name was on the loudspeaker. So I went to the main office and told Jack to go to class, so when he went to class I was in the office. I saw my teacher with a sad look on her face. She said "Alexis May, I'm so sorry to say this to you. But your mother and father have died in a car accident." I started to cry so badly I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. 

I was crying so much that I have been here for 2 hours at least. When I finally got out I saw Jack and when he saw me, he ran up to me and asked "Babe what's wrong?" I told him, "I can't tell you here, let'...

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maloley_swazz95 maloley_swazz95 Jul 05, 2016
Your parent die and the only thing your worried about is where your going to live🙄
Why do they take car accidents , death rape , the foster care system and teen pregnancy so lightly ?
swirlfanatic swirlfanatic Mar 25, 2016
It's doesn't usually work that way they usually have the police notify the family or have a family member break the news... Not the secretary at your school😐😐
skatesbabyxx skatesbabyxx Feb 28, 2016
Damn your parents just died and you're gonna go out to eat 😖