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avatar love story (aang x reader)

avatar love story (aang x reader)

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avatarjenora By avatarjenora Completed

water earth fire air
long ago the four nations lived together in harmony
then everything changed when the fire nation attacked
only the avatar 
master of all four elements can stop them
but when the world needed him most
he vanished
a hundred years passed
and my brother, sister and I discovered the new avatar
an airbender named aang
and although his airbending skills are great
he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone
but my sister and I believe
 aang can save the world

with our help of course

hi I'm ___ and I'm going to help the avatar save the world. but I have some tricks up my sleeve that no one can predict.... not even azula. no one in the fire nation. the only people who know of my.... tricks, was my mother. my gran. aang (soon) and waaay later on my siblings and later then that... the world.

and I maaaaaay have a crush on the avatar. wow is my life a mess.

queentkb queentkb Jul 06
Oh they did it to match since blue and purple are the closet colors
zoeymeyer zoeymeyer Jul 12
What a coincidence. My nick name my friends gave me is waterlily.
...nuuu I'm sorry I'm too nice I wouldn't be able to hold a grudge for even two minutes
                              Wait this is about an only friend ?
                              Man I would hold the grudge for a year and more XD dude
Me: I can see what's happening
                              Me is the story: What?
                              Me: and they don't have a clue
                              Me in the story: who?
NiyaCutie18 NiyaCutie18 Jun 18
That's literally me when im eating pizza, my mom's food, or Korean BBQ😂
Hmmm I wonder why would YOUR eyes glow purple just like the legends. Maybe because YOUR IN TOO